Response to “Open Letter from a Farmer to Angry Vegetarians”


I wrote this reply, in response to the article linked above, as a way to express my considerations.  I’m not sure if I’ll post it to her, I don’t care if she sees it or not.  There are inaccuracies in her letter (interchanges vegan and vegetarian so doesn’t even know the meaning of what she’s criticising – we only eat tofu, like all animals are only raised industrially…).  Anyway, here it is:

We live in a time of abundant choices, yes, so surely that means we should make the most compassionate, ethical choices?

I understand the differences between large-scale industrial farming and small-scale organic farming in terms of a lot of the problems involved with using and eating animals. However, this doesn’t take into consideration the fact that, if we give any moral consideration to animals, we have no right to take their lives when there is no need to…

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