Milk: Violence Extraordinaire

A dairy farmer wrote the following to the image above:

Wow! What is really sad is the lies above and the fact that you believe them. I do have to admit it is probably because you are misinformed and more than likely never seen a cow in real life.

You don’t see me throwing out lies and misinformation about your life style as a vegan. You are attacking a job that I do everyday 365 days a year. My cows are put before any of my needs and I hate to admit it my family’s. Each of my cows have a name and I celebrate when a calf is born and a mourn when one passes they are all family members.
I’m not asking you to change your lifestyle but I am asking you to be more informed. Go to the country and talk to a farmer, experience their lifestyle before you judge it. See first hand the care that each one of these men and women have for their animals. Walk a mile in our shoes before you judge us or accuse us anything.

Here the response by Non-Dairy-Kerry:

Dairy farmers like yourself always claim to love their animals and that they treat them like non-human family members. Do you also forcefully impregnate human family members? Would you take a newborn human baby away from his mother to sell his body for profit? Would you send any human family member to slaughter for profit? No, you would never ever do that, so stop claiming that your animals are even close to being “family” members.

The only reason why you have these animals is to make money from their secretions and bodies. Hard work doesn’t justify exploitation and killing of living beings and neither does making money with them.

If your lifestyle harms others (in this case animals in your “care”), I have every right to criticize your actions regarding that. Vegans try their best reducing the harm their actions cause other sentient beings. Veganism is not perfect but it’s the minimum decency we should posses towards animals, humans, environment, world hunger etc. What could you possibly have against an ideology that’s about respecting all sentient beings and tries to keep them free from harm?

You claim to have feelings and emotions for your animals but yet it is you that inflicts harm upon them. It is you that sends them away to get killed for money. If you truly loved your animals you would stop breeding them for profit and became a farm sanctuary that rescued animals from being stabbed in the neck.

There are some animal farmers that have realized that they were lying to themselves, like you are now, and stopped breeding and killing animals. If they were able to change, why can’t you?


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